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    "I recently called your company about buying my used car. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and was able to answer all my questions. I was surprised that your business paid cash for old cars. Anyway, I received great service and wanted to thank you guys for buying my car."
    Good job!
    Dorothy R.

Cash For Cars Hayward is a successful company and we are enthusiastic about selling cars!

We have worked our hardest to make our service extremely speedy and reliable; all our workers are friendly and happy to help you. We buy any car, any model, any year for a very good price.  Our work ethic is to be respectful to all our selling drivers and make sure that we buy their car within their time frame, even if it’s the same day! We even buy cars that you thought was just a pile of junk, the rusty thing sat on your driveway… We’ll buy it! If your car is not road worthy, it will need to be towed and towing expenses can be extortionate. You’ll be happy to know that we not only buy your junk cars but free towing is included in our service. All you have to do to get a quote is give us a quick call; we’ll take a few details and give you a free quote within minutes. As we try to be super-fast for all our customers we’ve decided the best way to pay is cash in hand, that means no more waiting for cheques or transfers to clear… Money in an instant!

Do you take cars that have been involved in an accident?

We take almost any vehicle; we rarely ever turn down a car. A scrap car may just be that to you… Scrap. But to us that’s a whole lot of metal we can recycle and re-use! If your car has been in an accident there still may be parts that haven’t been affected and can be used in another car. Even oil can be filtered and re-used. We try to avoid taking any parts to landfills and on average we can recycle a huge 75%!

We buy from any person who owns the car, so if you’re a small taxi company or just a simple housewife we will buy from you. Of course the car has to be in your name and you will need identification once we get there but if you just want a quote we won’t need any personal details till the transfer of the title!