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    "I recently called your company about buying my used car. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and was able to answer all my questions. I was surprised that your business paid cash for old cars. Anyway, I received great service and wanted to thank you guys for buying my car."
    Good job!
    Dorothy R.

We buy every car, even if your car has no doors we will buy it! We ensure that our customers receive an extremely good and fair price for their vehicles. Unlike insurance companies and landfills we do not try to con you with hidden charges or extremely low offers, we want to gain your trust, as we’re an honest and truly want you to get the best you can. Insurance dealers may offer you a quote for your car once it has been in an accident but be warned they offer you an extremely low price so they can benefit from it. Give us a call first and see what we can give you; there is a very good chance that it will be much greater than the insurance quote.


How can we get our junk car to you?

Once you’ve accepted a deal from us there is literally nothing you need to do but sign a piece of paper we literally do everything else and you’ll be relieved to know we tow for free as part of our service. Everything is done around our customers wants and needs, so we will come to you every time.


Are you an eco-friendly company?

Why wouldn’t we be, of course we are! We only want to help the citizens of  Hayward and that means recycling as much as we possibly can. Landfills are filling up our country with decomposing waste and we need to recycle much more. You’ll be surprised to learn that it actually costs significantly less to recycle metals than to make new metals, with the exact same perfect quality. This means the prices of steel to be dramatically reduced meaning cheaper cars!

We do buy many kinds of cars but mainly we buy a lot of junk cars. Junk cars are the cars that are no longer safe to drive on the road anymore. To an average person it just looks like a waste of space and worth nothing but trash, we see it differently. We see the cars as materials and parts; we can get the most out of your junk car and pay you well for it! We buy massive amounts of cars every day, so instead of rating the car on the popularity we rate it on the condition or scrap value. This means we can pay you a fair amount without being judgmental.